October 21, 2012

Week 7: The '72 Dolphins

Every season when a team starts out as the Atlanta Falcons at 6-0, the topic of the 1972 Miami Dolphins who had the "perfect season" comes up. The only other team to rival this was the New England patriots when they went 18-1, losing only in the Superbowl to the New York Giants - ouch.

Can the Falcons do it? They have a bye this week, so we'll have to wait until Week 8 to answer that question, but until then here are my picks for all of the other teams who no longer have a shot at that title.

This Week's Bet: Loser does the week's grocery shopping.

Titans at Buffalo - Buffalo. May the worst one win.
Dallas at Carolina - Dallas. Superman may have to find a new dance.
Baltimore at Houston - Houston. Baltimore's first game without Ray Lewis & Lardarius Webb
Cleveland at Indy - Indy
Arizona at Vikings - Vikings
Washington at NY Giants - Giants
Green Bay at Stl - Green Bay
New Orleans at TB - New Orleans
Jets at New England - New England
Jacksonville at Oakland - Oakland
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati - Pitt
Detroit at Chicago - Chicago. Great Jay Cutler story to follow at some point.

Hope at this point in the season those following these picks are in the win column. Last week was rough so my apologies.

Happy Picking!

October 14, 2012

Week 6: Boys become Men...

Not much time for commentary today. I'm sitting here in my sweat from the gym, with a spoon full of baby cereal and a baby eyeing my chest like he knows it will be the perfect after brunch snack...

Week 6 is where we start to see the men separate themselves from the boys. We'll see if unexpected teams off to strong starts was just a flash in the pan, or if they will emerge among this season's better teams.

This weeks bet: For me, Daddy does bed time on one night of my choosing. Would be curious to see how this translates for others.

Oakland at Atlanta - Atlanta
Dallas at Baltimore - Baltimore
Cincinnati at Cleveland (ugh) - Cincinnati, I guess.
St. Louis at Miami - St. Louis
Indianapolis at NY Jets - J-E-T-S, Jets Jets Jets Jets
Detroit at Philadelphia - Philadelphia
Kansas City and Tampa Bay - Tampa Bay (may you redeem yourself this week Kansas City fans)
Buffalo at Arizona - Arizona
New England at Seattle - New England
NY Giants at San Francisco - San Fran
Minnesota at Washington - Washington
Green Bay at Houston - Houston (controversial comment of the week: Aaron Rogers reasoning for poor play? Poor Rookie practice performance. Hm.)
Denver at San Diego - Denver

Happy Picking!

October 7, 2012

Week 5: It's NOLA's time...

As promised, here are the first of my weekly picks.

Week 5 Wager: With whomever you bet, loser has to do your least favorite task for the week. This can apply to partner, friend, co-worker...

Miami at Cincinnati - Miami
Green Bay at Indianapolis - Green Bay
Baltimore at Kansas City - Baltimore
Cleveland at NY Giants - Giants
Philadelphia at Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh
Atlanta at Washington - Atlanta
Seattle at Carolina - Carolina
Chicago at Jacksonville - Chicago
Tennessee at Minnesota - Minnesota
Denver at New England - New England
Buffalo at San Francisco - San Fran
San Diego at New Orleans - New Orleans
Houston at NY Jets - Houston

October 6, 2012

Weeks 3, 4, &5: A Betting Wife...

Time to dust off the keys. I'm determined not to let this blog die as so many of my pre-baby routines have... so I resume with the helmets with more to come on the hormones (stay tuned for how to navigate an epic breakdown).

There have already been many headlines in the NFL. A cliched recap for what we've all missed:

  •  The Refs. Never did you think we would see the day when the referees would receive a standing ovation, but they did when they returned to the field after a labor negotiation left them locked out. As Mike & Mike In the Morning said, at least now we know that when bad calls are made, they are being made by the best in the business. That might be my new ambition in life. 
  • Tim Tebow is still on the bench; but the entire Jets team is likely not far behind them. They might actually give themselves a better chance at winning if they did not show up. 
  • Cleveland still sucks. 
  • I believe in one of my first posts last year I asked "Romo, Romo, Wherefore art thou Romo?" Ditto.
  • This just in: The Vikings are tied for the lead in their division! 
  • The Saints are feeling the effects of their troubled off season. 
  • The 49ers might be here to stay. 
  • The Rams and Cardinals finally had a nationally televised game... and it was against each other.
  • I'd be remiss in this month of October, breast cancer awareness month, if I did not send all of my positive thoughts to Coach Chuck Pagano of the Indianapolis Colts who was diagnosed with leukemia and will endure a long 6 weeks or longer in the hospital to hopefully beat the "curable" disease.

As I'm finding I have less and less time to stay as sharp as I need to accurately represent these topics each week, minimally you can expect this:

Since our family left the sidelines, I've needed a reason to watch every Sunday as emotionally as I did before. So, we bet. For the last 4 years, my husband and I have bet on every game, every Sunday. Whoever wins the most weeks out of the regular season, takes the crown. Let's just say DYNASTY! (Picture me running around the house with my hands in a diamond shape above my head). 4-0, my favor. I have won a remodel to our lower level and a new car in the garage.

Each week I'll post my picks with a recommended bet. Stay tuned tomorrow... (I don't pick any earlier than Sunday mornings... too much left to chance on a Saturday night.)

Happy wagers!

September 17, 2012

Weeks 1 & 2: Shame on you, Cleveland... The Beauty of Art

I'd be remiss in these first few weeks of this 2012 NFL season if I did not pay tribute to an NFL legend; and, more importantly a wonderful, passionate, intelligent and generous human being. Art Modell, owner of the Baltimore Ravens, passed away just over one week ago.

Art was family. He never missed a milestone in either my sister or my life. He was at graduations, birthdays and weddings. He gave us the life we know today.

And now our hearts break as Art's legacy is reduced to his decision to move the Browns out of Cleveland. Cleveland came for blood, eventually making it an unwelcome place for any of our families to return.

Yes, Lebron left you and went on to win an NBA Championship. Yes, the former Browns turned Ravens left you and went on to win a Superbowl. Coincidental? Loyalty is valuable. Revenue is invaluable.

So, it's time to let go, Cleveland. Your unwillingness to move on is making your city an ugly place to stay.

Art - we give you the last word. We thank you. We admire you. We strive to emulate what you were. We will miss you.

August 23, 2012

I Don't Believe in Date Night...

Another great article in the Huffington Post... and I couldn't agree with it more.

First, I had to understand whether I didn't believe in it because I needed some reassurance that lazy was okay, or if I actually believed in the principles and it turns out it's the latter!

At the moment, its 10:13pm at night. We've put the baby to bed. Tried to do a little packing for an upcoming trip, and are sitting on the floor eating a frozen pizza. But, it's probably the most talking and the most relaxed we've been in months. There is something about the pressure of a "date night" being perfect that ultimately leaves it far from it.

So, here's to making the most of the little moments; because if you do, odds are you will have a lifetime of them!


August 13, 2012

Lonny Magazine is live!

Espresso time... the August issue is live!

This month features a piece on DwellStudio's new flagship location in SoHo... one of my favorite mommy picks.